california road trip: a day in yosemite


Where: Yosemite National Park, California

Remember how I said the trees are different in California? Well, that’s especially the case in Yosemite National Park, where some of the largest Sequoia and Redwood trees can be found.

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here and now: time at home

autumn in new york city, central park, fall foliage

Sometime between the end of summer and the winter holidays comes a lull that calls for staying home, nesting, and prepping for a new school year (even if actual school years are long gone). I try to stave off my need to escape by planning new restaurants to go to and revisiting old neighborhoods. Last month, we took advantage of one of the last nice days to check out the fall foliage in Central Park.

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weekend escape: Wave Hill

wave hill in new york city, the bronx, fall foliage, autumn

Where: Wave Hill in the Bronx, NY

Eat: bring a picnic to eat on the grounds (the cafe food was pretty good but not a must)

Sometimes the urge to get outta town can’t immediately be filled with a train ride or a plane flight, so I have a collection of “local escapes” to choose from on those days. Most of them came from reading TimeOut NY and tabbing the corners to remember… lo and behold, 9 years after moving to NYC, I haven’t done the best job at hitting all the spots. I decided this weekend to finally check one off the list.

wave hill in new york city, the bronx, fall foliage, autumn

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